About Niki

Life experience + Life Coach training = Women’s Worthiness Coach

I used to wake up on Mondays with a case of the Monday Blues. Dreading the week ahead and counting down the minutes to the end of the workday on Friday. Every day I had to force myself out of bed at the last possible minute to be able to get to work on time. The weekend always went by too quickly and I was miserable the majority of the week. I was letting the fact that I hated my job start to ruin my life.

There are so many women in this same scenario. Women who wish they could find a better job, do something more meaningful, be able to use their natural gifts and talents, or do something they loved and still get paid well. I guide and empower women to learn how to LOVE their life even though they HATE their job! So whether or not you change jobs or find a better fit right now, you’ll learn how to love your life in the meantime.

2018 Kindness Practice

This complementary guided 7-week practice will support you in leaning into compassion instead of criticism. It will empower you to lean into self-love instead of self-judgment. You’ll receive a weekly kindness focus, journaling prompts, and practical ways to incorporate the practice into your everyday life. Participants have experienced powerful results in years past. If you’re ready to see how self-kindness can impact your life, sign up to get started!

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If you have questions or you want to see if I’m a good fit to support you on this portion of your journey, feel free to reach out! Send me an email to:


I will personally respond within 48 business hours. No question is too small to ask and I think it’s incredibly courageous of you to go with your gut and contact me. We all need to have the courage to ask for support when we need it. My inbox is always open for you!