About Niki

Life experience + Life Coach training = Self-love & Self-worth Coach

In 2013, I embarked on an intense journey of self-love and self-discovery out of sheer desperation. I’d lost my sense of self, felt like a complete failure, and had no idea what my purpose was in life. Little did I know how that journey would lead me back to my true self. In the years since, I’ve discovered my voice, learned to cultivate a positive mindset, and most importantly found myself. It’s a daily practice of being true to who I am at heart.

In the process, I learned to let go of perfection and strive for progress. I’ve realized failure isn’t in falling but choosing not to get up. I’ve learned that responsibility and accountability are the keys to locking down the feeling of being hopeless. I’ve chosen to live life courageously instead of fearlessly (because there’s always a bit of fear and I choose to follow my heart anyway). I now live my life with intention as I cultivate fulfillment and guide other women to learn to do the same.


2018 Kindness Practice

The 3rd annual Kindness Practice begins in February, sign up now! You’ll embark on a journey of self-love through kindness. This is a guided practice to focus on seven aspects of kindness over a 7-week period.

Click here to see the details and sign up!

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Go with your gut, start your journey!

Let’s get intentional!

If you’re serious about going down this path of self-discovery, it all starts with intention! In December, you’ll be guided on creating an Intention Plan for 2018. Sign up to get started!


Contact Niki

If you have questions or you want to see if I’m a good fit to support you on this portion of your journey, feel free to reach out! Send me an email to:


I will personally respond within 48 business hours. No question is too small to ask and I think it’s incredibly courageous of you to go with your gut and contact me. We all need to have the courage to ask for support when we need it. My inbox is always open for you!