You are worthy of living the fulfilling life you yearn for!

There’s more to life than barely treading water to survive. More than counting down the days until Friday just to have the weekend fly by and restart the count. There’s more to life than the roles you play and responsibilities you fulfill. You are an individual with needs, wants, and dreams! If you’ve lost your sense of self as you’ve grown up, I’m here to help you find your way back to who you are! It’s from that place of reconnecting with who you are that you can make choices that are in alignment with your heart’s desire. Are you ready to reconnect with yourself and live the fulfilling life you’re worthy of?

Niki Meadows | Worthiness Ambassador™ & Intuitive Consultant

Niki's Cards (2)


When I met Niki, I knew she was a generous, positive and creative person… she was able to understand my brand, mission, and philosophy just by asking me a few questions! Can you imagine for a minute how amazing it is to have somebody be able to access the thoughts and emotions that you can’t express? She is a brilliant intuitive business coach, and she is exactly what I needed and didn’t know I needed!

-Sharon N| Multicultural Educator & Entrepreneur

Clear Path with Intuitive Consulting


Thank you for your attentiveness during my life coach session… You made me feel comfortable from beginning to end… You were truly present with every word I shared with you and I appreciate the valuable guidance you gave me that helped me immensely… It was amazing having you as my first Life Coaching experience and simply memorable!

-Danyra Varela

Thank You!

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