Dose of Empowerment|True to Yourself

Being true to yourself sounds like it should be easy and straightforward. Why is it that so many find themselves struggling to do so? In a world that glorifies busy, labels everything, and uses material items to define success, it’s no wonder people have a hard time being true to themselves. People are constantly on the go, hidden under labels, and focused on getting things. People no longer know who they really are so how can they be their true selves? Here are some practical tips to take the first steps to discovering who you are:

  • Slow down- Evaluate your schedule and reduce at least one thing that keeps you busy but doesn’t add value to your life.
  • Fill the time with yourself- Now that you’ve created an available moment in your life don’t replace it with another thing to keep you busy, use this time to get to know yourself.
  • Connect with yourself-  Enjoy a quiet cup of coffee alone, go to the park, take a walk in a beautiful area outdoors, journal, start a small garden, paint. Give yourself a chance to be alone to explore who you are, what you want, and what feeds your soul.
  • Do more of it!- Whatever it is you’ve reconnected with or discovered you really enjoy during this new appointment with yourself, do more of it! You’re directly investing into your happiness and fulfillment while discovering who you are.

The approach is simple yet effective. By giving yourself time to slow down you’re allowing time to get in tune with yourself. When we think of ways to get to know other people, one of the first things that often comes to mind is spending time with them. What better way to get to know yourself than by spending quality time with yourself?

To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man. –Hamlet, William Shakespeare

If you found this useful, I encourage you to check out this month’s Monthly Reiki Boost that focuses on bringing balance and harmony into your life. You might also be interested in a Worthiness Coaching package where we’ll get really specific on how you can personally explore, discover and connect with your authentic self!

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Sept 2016 Collective Reiki Special (1)

Authentic Self

Be sure to get out your calendar and evaluate where you can make room to connect with yourself!

Sending lots of balance and harmony your way!

Niki Meadows-Worthiness Ambassador

8 Replies to “Dose of Empowerment|True to Yourself”

  1. In a nutshell, this is a reminder of the mindfulness course I did. Pause, breathe and focuss on the moment to take stock rather than continue rushing about perpetuating stress, anxiety and the default mindset. Allow the executive brain function to reconnect and make decisions again, rather than being bypassed by autopilot and cyclic thinking.

    Thanks for the link 😊


  2. Wow- this is a great post.
    I agree 100%- sometimes we’re so busy, we forget to take a moment to ourselves and rediscover who we are.
    This is vital because we’re constantly evolving and who we were 5 years ago is not who we are today! It’s so important to stay in touch with ourselves.

    I’m excited to keep reading more from you! ❤


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