Do You Invest Enough Time In Yourself?

Nurturing yourself is a fundamental part of self-care. There are so many aspects of nurturing yourself, you might be overlooking something without even realizing it. If you eat well and live an active lifestyle, do you ensure to enrich yourself spiritually? If you set healthy boundaries, do you release stress in a healthy way? It’s important to nurture yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Having activities and practices you incorporate into your regular routine helps you to live a life focused on total wellbeing. Personally, once I reframed the perception I had about self-nurture is when I was able to benefit from it the most. By understanding I had to take care of myself in order to better care for others, self-nurture no longer seemed selfish but necessary.

Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from your overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel. 

-Eleanor Brownn

I encourage you to create a self-nurture plan in which you incorporate time into your routine to regularly nurture the different aspects of your life. Before you get started, think about areas in your life you might feel you’ve neglected or that could use some time and energy. What are things you can do to nurture these areas? If you find yourself struggling, you might want to pay attention to areas in your life that you just feel “off”, times you’re reacting in ways that are unusual for you or things you miss doing for yourself.

This plan will look different for everyone but here are some steps to get you started once you have an idea of the areas you need to nurture and even the ways you can do so-

  • First, you want to assess how much time you need to invest in yourself. Do you need an hour every day or once a week?
  • Next, you’ll want to find a way to incorporate that into your routine. Is it more practical to get up a little earlier to meditate or should you stay up once everyone is in bed at night and enjoy a book?
  • Then you’ll also want to figure out how to execute this new routine. Will you need help from anyone? Will it cost money?
  • Finally, you want to be flexible. What works for you one week might not work the next whether it be the amount of time or what you’re doing with it. That’s ok, give yourself the freedom to make adjustments as needed with the intention they always support you to nurture yourself to the best of your ability in the moment.

Once you start putting some time and energy into yourself, I encourage you to pay attention to the changes you experience. Do you find yourself in a better mood? Does your day get off to a better start? Are you sleeping better? Do others notice something different about you? By taking better care of yourself, you might find the pieces falling into place in other areas of your life.

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Do you already have a self-nurture routine? What does it look like? What are positive non-negotiables in your life?

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