Speak Your Truth

It’s so important to speak your truth. In a time where perfection is chased and connection is craved like never before, there’s nothing more desirable than someone who’s authentic. We all have our struggles and hurdles to overcome. Life isn’t all gorgeous feeds and photo filters. It’s through open honest conversation and sharing our stories that we connect with others. That’s how we realize that we’re all human and doing the best we can on this journey called life.

I struggled with depression since adolescence and was finally able to overcome it 4 years ago. I didn’t think I was good enough yet ironically I was a perfectionist. I wanted life to end because I didn’t think it was worth living. It wasn’t until it almost did end that I realized how badly I needed to live not just survive. Is this something you can tell just by scrolling through my social media feed? If you are looking at the photos and not reading the captions, then no. I’m very open about my past because I want people to know that they too can overcome their struggles and difficulties.

These are the conversations we need to be having. People need to know that they aren’t broken beyond repair. People need to see the struggle behind success. People need to see resilience in the face of defeat. People need to see that they aren’t the only ones trying to navigate their way through tough times. It’s ok to ask for help, you don’t have to be too tough to ask. Cry out, lean on anyone who will listen. Fight for your life because you are worthy of living the fulfilling life you yearn for.

Sending you lots of love and wishing you all that you need to support you in speaking your truth.

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