3 Self-Care Tips To Prevent Feeling Burnt Out (And Reset Your Batteries If You Already Are)

Whether you’re a giver (someone who gives others most of their time and energy) or you just have too much on your plate, neglecting yourself for too long can often lead to you feeling burnt out. You might feel tired, sluggish, irritable, overwhelmed, and just need a break from life. If that goes on for too long it can often lead to feeling discouraged, defeated, and even depression. Many have been taught that putting yourself first is selfish. While I bought into that train of thought, over time I began to realize that putting myself first was the least selfish thing I could do. By putting myself first and being in the best health (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically) I’m able to better tend to others and get more satisfaction out of the things I do.

We live in a society that values how much we can accomplish and praises those who can tackle many things at one time. The thing is, we aren’t robots and we need to make self-care a priority. You don’t expect a remote with dying batteries to be as quick, responsive, or perform as well as one with fresh batteries in it. The same rings true with self-care. If we try to run on rechargeable batteries without recharging them, it’s only a matter of time before they give out. What we’re really doing is sacrificing our well-being and the quality in which we do things.

Sure you’ll still get things done but the energy and attitude in which you do them isn’t the same as it would be if you were running on fully charged well maintained batteries!

Now that you can agree why self-care is essential, I’ll give you a few tips to help you incorporate it into your life.


1. Evaluate Your Needs-

Neglecting the things that you need can lead to a decline in physical health as well as make you feel insignificant. How has overlooking your needs made you feel? It’s important to evaluate the things that you need to feel your best. What are things that you need in order to function at 100%? What are things you need on a regular basis? It might be something you do, something you don’t do, or something you need to start doing. Take some time to think about this and write down five things that you need to feel your best.

2. Give In To Your Desires-

There aren’t any prizes for depriving yourself of the things that you want. Needs are things that you have to have and wants are things that are nice to have. They don’t have to be physical or material objects. It’s a matter of giving into your heart’s desires. It’s the joy that you get out of doing something just because you want to. It might be going for a nice sunset walk instead of doing dishes or reading a book before work instead of checking emails. You can always come back to what has to get done, but indulging in what you want to do is a treat you haven’t given yourself enough if you’re feeling burnt out.

3. Make Yourself #1 On Your List of Priorities-

Do one thing you want and one thing you need for yourself every day. Set a reoccurring reminder on your phone so you won’t forget to make this part of your daily routine. It’s not about the amount of time it takes but the consistency in which you do it. I’m sure you’ll find that by giving yourself even 15 minutes a day of fulfilling a need and indulging in a want that you’ll feel a lot better. It’s a great way to de-stress and connect with yourself.

There’s more to life than feeling like you’re barely treading water. While life is full of responsibility and commitment, it’s also meant to be enjoyed. Taking the time to evaluate and fulfill your wants and needs can go a long way to improving the quality of your life. I can’t wait to hear what you think of these tips and how putting them into practice impacts your life.

30 Days For Me


To support you on your journey of self-care, I’ve created a 30-day practice to help you put these tips into action! You can find more details here.

Feel free to share this with someone you know could use it in their life! ❤

Wishing you all that you need to support you in your self-care practice,

Niki Meadows

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32 Replies to “3 Self-Care Tips To Prevent Feeling Burnt Out (And Reset Your Batteries If You Already Are)”

    1. Exactly right! We often feel the pressure to do it the other way around but that’s not sustainable in a healthy way. Time for us to reroute that train of thought and take care of ourselves and in turn give others the best we have 💖 I hope you enjoy your practice 💖

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    1. I know it! Think of this a preventative maintenance routine. Better to do a little to maintain yourself than allow yourself to break down.

      The 30-day practice can help support you in being consistent. Check it out if you want to give it a try in a way that paves the path ❤

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  1. Hmm, guilty as charged re burn out; absentia and post reductions have helped greatly. Although my personal belief is the long winter affected me more than it should have. I didn’t feel right until the sun became warmer. Humble apologies for such a long break from catching up Niki.

    And lo, winters already coming back too! Mindful of it’s impact last year so hopefully, no repeats!

    Wonderful tips and advice as always here too.

    That and reign in commitments if my own position is feeling in need of attention due to personal neglect!!

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    1. Sounds like the sun was a recharge in it’s own right that you needed. You’re right, winter is around the corner so you’re just in time to put your winter plan into place. Just like animals get ready for winter, you can too. Think of what changes for you, what throws you off, and what you need during that time.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it Gary. I have to say that if you can overlook the goregeous yet feminine photos I’ve chosen, I think you’ll quite enjoy the 30-day practice itself. It won’t take much time so much as helping you be consistent in your efforts to be mindful… ❤

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      1. Very true Niki, it was only when the days got longer I realised how bad I let last winter get to me. This year, being aware of that, I’m determined to stay on track. I already know what causes me to change direction, it’s an old issue that continues to have a hold and if I’m not mindful of it, then it has a habit of quietly stepping in and usurping the mojo. Sometimes in spring, I do like to step away and recharge as things start growing too. I didn’t do enough of that this year either.

        I’ve bookmarked this one too. Very inspirational, I ought to go back and remind myself of mindfulness too. Make that a daily morning practice. That and keep in touch more!!

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      2. I’m glad that you’re aware of what causes it so you can take the steps needed to prevent or handle it.

        Let me know what you think should you choose to incorporate the 30-day practice.

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  2. Your advice is spot on! As a mother of young children, many times I put myself last. I put my hobbies on hold, I’m the last one to eat, and I make sure everyone else’s needs are satisfied before I even think of myself. For the first time in probably eight years, I’ve decided to something purely for me. Write. I’ve always loved writing and this past April, I took the dive and started my own blog. I have to say, I’ve been happier and healthier in the past half a year than I’ve been for awhile. I take an hour or so every day to write, read, and/or communicate with other writers, and it fills my soul. Great, meaningful post, Niki!

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    1. Incredible what some time to yourself fueling your passions does for your life isn’t it?! I’m so glad that you have invested into yourself! That time nurturing your soul is like a maintenance plan for fulfillment! Sending you lots of love! ❤

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  3. What a great post! Like many others, I struggle with putting myself first – probably because I was raised under the guidance of humility — always put others first. While I understand the need to put others first, I’ve discovered that if I am not taking care of myself (emotionally or physically), I’m unable to help others effectively. Thanks for sharing your insight and tips for self care!

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    1. That is a very common approach. While it’s well intended, the first step to being able to care for others is caring for ourselves first. It took me a while to rewire my brain and realize that it wasn’t selfish to make myself a priority. I’m glad that you’ve found the importance of caring for yourself. Wishing you all that you need to tend to yourself and give the best of yourself to others! ❤


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