Inner Beauty Check-In

I just wanted to check in with you and see how you’re feeling since the last post on size not determining your self-worth. I encourage you to continue to focus on your inner beauty. While a lot of emphases is placed on physical beauty by society and ourselves, the true measure of beauty is in the contents of our hearts. That’s what guides our actions, sets our values, and shows where our priorities are. Did you discover anything about yourself after reading that post? Was there anything you needed to hear in it? Feel free to share what things came up for you.

Sending lots of love your way and wishing you all that you need to enhance your inner beauty!

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2 Replies to “Inner Beauty Check-In”

  1. I learned so much from that post I can’t put it into words. The sweet memories as well as the ugly words I’ve chosen to hear. . My maturity if nothing else has made me see myself as my true self as well as see others in their true beauty. I see everyone in a different way after what has happened to mr🌼

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