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Are You Building Your Dream Life?


I pose this question to you today, “does your life look the way you want it to?”. Before you answer, I want you to take a moment to think about not just what you have or where you are, but how it feels. I’m not asking if you have the house or car of your dreams. I’m not asking if you are earning the amount you believe you deserve. I’m curious to know if the life you live is the life you want to continue to build? Do you feel joyful, fulfilled, and excited to start each day?

I know this might sound odd but just a few years ago, I couldn’t say yes to any of those things. I had everything society showed me was “needed” to live a happy life but I was chronically depressed, unfulfilled, and dreaded waking up each morning. How was it that I was going through the steps determined to lead to a happy life but I was completely unhappy? As it turns out, I got lost along the way. The older I got, the more I distanced myself from my passions, talents, gifts, and ultimately my purpose. I didn’t see how those things could fit into a traditional job and began to try to fit into the mold I thought I was supposed to.

This led to many years of conforming to the point that I completely lost who I was. I followed this traditional path that was mapped out before me. A path that didn’t include my passions or purpose. I worked for places that didn’t value my talents or gifts. I started to feel stifled and caged. I eventually stopped pursuing things that interested me to the point I didn’t really know who I was as an individual anymore. I was building a life with all of the wrong pieces. It took having a breakdown to realize that I needed to do some demolition and start over. It was scary and intimidating but the thought of continuing to build this life I didn’t like scared me more.

I started taking steps to explore who I was and reconnect with my old passions and interests. I was able to discover things I no longer enjoyed and take up new things that interested me. I gave myself permission to have a child-like sense of wonder and curiosity. It was through this journey of self-discovery that I was able to identify my purpose in life. This gave me a whole new box of pieces to utilize to build my life. In the years since, I’ve been building the fulfilling life that I yearned for but hadn’t previously identified in a way I could build it.

Today I just wanted to encourage you to take a look at your own life. You might not have to do a whole demolition job like I did. Maybe you just need to deconstruct or renovate parts of it. Give yourself permission to explore and evaluate what areas of your life you’ve been building that no longer form part of your dream life. You’ll know what they are because they just don’t feel like a fit. Identify what you want to feel about each area of your life and note how you currently feel about them. It’s through this process that you’ll be able to better understand and find the pieced to rebuild the areas that you might be building from a box or using someone else’s floor plans.

I’m wishing you all that you need to support you in building your fulfilling life!

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I’m very excited to announce that I’m hosting a retreat in May 2018. This weekend retreat will support and empower you to connect with yourself on a soul-level so you can get a powerful start to building the fulfilling life you’re worthy of living! If you want to be guided and supported as you dig deep into the journey of building your dream life, I encourage you to sign up to receive further details as they’re available! 

1 thought on “Are You Building Your Dream Life?”

  1. Thank you for this one Nikki and sometimes this demolition of the structure is important. I relate to everything said on fulfillment, happiness or the plain routine. Questions that we need to ask and probably I ain’t asking to myself, hence, the comparative lagging.


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