Why Growth can be a Lonely Journey & that’s OK!

As I sat coloring with my daughter and listening to Maroon 5, I received the message to share with you this week. You see, my daughter only knows Maroon 5’s more recent tracks but I’m a long-time fan. The sound they have today is very different than the one they had before my daughter was born 9 years ago. As I listened to the older songs that made me fall in love with the group, I realized their progression is a lot like life. We all go through periods of growth which brings change. Sometimes the change is gradual with a long period of transition and others it’s abrupt.

This change doesn’t just impact us but those around us.

They see that we’re the same person yet different at the same time. Sometimes they don’t know how to process this change. I can only imagine that some Maroon 5 fans stopped listening to them as their sound evolved. They liked the old sound that was familiar and they fell in love with. They might not have been willing to stand by them through that transition period and definitely don’t embrace the group now. Some may have come back around with the recent hits they’ve heard and rekindled their connection. Others might not have known about Maroon 5’s older sound and love them as they are now.

The thing is, we can’t inhibit our own growth because of how others react to it. Growth is a part of life, from our height to our age and size. The reality is that while we cap out at a certain height, there is always a process of inner growth. Even nature is in a constant state of growth and change. While seasons change they are cycles which support the growth in the world around us. Growth is the most natural form of change which always facilitates change with a transition. There are those who actively seek to support that growth and embrace the elements and seasons that come with it. There are others who are oblivious or resistant and don’t embrace their own growth or that of others. The same person can even go through stages of embracing and resisting growth and change throughout their life. Whatever the case, you are on your own journey.

It’s important that you continue to grow at the rate that you’re meant to. Remember that just like Maroon 5, you’re on a journey of evolution. There will be people who are used to the old you and don’t like the change they see even if it’s for the better. There will be those who are open to the transition and change that lies ahead. Some won’t know the old you and love you as you are at this moment. It can be a lonely process at times but that’s ok! Some people are in your life for a track, others for an album, and possibly fewer still for your entire lifelong career. Hold onto the good times but not so tightly that you can’t move forward to continue your journey. There are more albums to make and people may or may not be there to accompany you during that process. You can’t put those future albums on hold because of those who won’t buy them. There will always be someone to listen to the tracks, even if sometimes the only person is you.

So don’t dwell on the sorrow of those who have left you along the way. Don’t deprive the world of the hits that you have yet to create. Keep experimenting with your sound and being courageous enough to share it! Keep finding ways to share your talent, gifts, and message with the world. Contribute in the greatest way possible! You’ll always attract those who are meant to be in your life and support or enjoy the journey.


If you feel alone and want support from others who are on the journey of growth, I encourage you to join the Worthiness Ambassador Sisterhood, a closed Facebook group for women. You’ll receive guidance and empowerment to continue on your journey. ❤


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Let me know in the comments if this is something you needed to hear. I’d love to know what point of the journey you’re on right now. Are you in the early years of Maroon 5, a transition phase, or establishing a new sound? Feel free to share in the comments!

I’m sending you lots of love and wishing you all that you need to support you on your journey of growth and transition!

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2 Replies to “Why Growth can be a Lonely Journey & that’s OK!”

  1. I absolutely love this post and agree with it’s message. I like that use used Maroon 5 as an example and admittedly I do prefer their original music. But I think growth or change is a vital part of life and we cannot waste time worrying about who will grow with us.

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    1. Sorry, this was stuck in my spam comments, just seeing it now. That’s so funny that you prefer their original music. I do too! I’m glad they explored and allowed themselves to grow instead of sticking to their roots. It’s a courageous thing to do and we can always go back to the music that made us fall in love with them. Thanks for taking the time to comment during your visit ❤

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