What Do You Feed Your Mind?


While we’re becoming ever more conscious of what we feed our bodies, one thing that I always try to highlight is what we feed our minds. There’s no shortage of mental junk food! From social media feeds to the news, we can steadily consume heavily processed information with nothing of value for our minds. When I dedicated myself to overcoming depression and cultivating a more positive mindset, one of the key things I did was stop consuming negativity. I hadn’t really paid attention before but once I did, I began to notice the garbage I was feeding my mind. Watching or reading the news generally left me feeling anxious, heavy, and downright hopeless at times. 

I found ways to feed my mind more positive brain food. From comedy skits, to sitcoms, and podcasts, I was able to give my mind healthy balanced meals of information. One thing I was aware of at the time was how difficult it was to find stories of the good things happening in the world. I found a couple of popular news sources that had a good news section but the same stories could sit on the page for weeks sometimes even months at a time. Surely there were more good things happening that just weren’t being shared! I eventually stopped looking for good news stories because I was disheartened when I couldn’t find much evidence of them.

Over the years things changed. With social media algorithms picking up on what I enjoyed seeing, I began to have more good stories hitting my feed than ever before! It was so exciting to be flooded with so many stories of the wonderful things happening all over the world! The kindness of strangers saving lives, giving a helping hand, and looking out for their fellow man. There were so many stories that filled my heart with joy and even moved me to tears. I eagerly shared them in an attempt to spread the joy to the feeds of my friends and family.

As someone who is very sensitive to the information I’m exposed to, it’s such an incredible honor to be a co-author of a recently released book. The intention of the book is to share a story of kindness each day for a year. It’s called Goodness Abounds: 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness. Here’s an excerpt from the unexpected story I shared in the book-

Kindness in Tragedy
Niki Meadows

With such an overwhelming amount of negativity displayed in the media, it can be difficult to see that good things happen in the world. Yet goodness is present every day. Sometimes it goes unnoticed and others it just doesn’t get the same platform as its negative counterpart. There are everyday heroes that walk among us and kindness in all forms that helps ensure that negativity is a small portion of what happens in the world even though that’s not the perception portrayed.

You can continue reading this story on page 312 of Goodness Abounds.

Goodness Abounds

If you haven’t already picked up a copy for yourself or for a friend as a gift, take advantage now while you have the chance to claim over 60 bonus gifts offered from various co-authors. You can contribute to raising the tide of kindness by reblogging this post, sharing about it on social media, or gifting it to a friend or business (it’s great reading for waiting rooms!). I encourage you to visit the book’s blog tour where you can get to know other co-authors and the stories they share. Here’s to a year of wholesome food for the mind, heart, and soul!

Get your copy here!

What are your thoughts on a book like this? Is it the perfect timing for a book like this in your life? Are you intrigued to read about the everyday hero I mentioned in the excerpt Feel free to share in the comments! ❤

As always, sending you lots of love and wishing you all that you need to raise the tide!
-Niki Meadows

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