What I’ve Learned on my Journey of Self-Discovery

I’ve learned so many lessons so far my of self-discovery. I faced challenges I didn’t know I was capable of handling. I found strength I didn’t know I had and cultivated courage in the midst of fear. The one thing I know, is that embarking on this journey isn’t easy. It’s not the safe route. It’s outside of your comfort zone. It’s not conforming to the norm. It’s downright scary at times but it’s also worth it.Before I embarked on this journey, I played small. I tried to fit in. I felt the effects of not living in alignment with who I was. Looking back on my four-year journey, I can say that I’m glad I chose this path (uncertainty and all). Changing the parts of me that didn’t fit in and sacrificing my self-expression for the sake of being accepted wasn’t worth it.

This journey has taught me how to cultivate my self-love and self-worth. It’s taught me to set healthy boundaries and respect them. It’s taught me that courage isn’t about not being fearful, but feeling fear and moving forward anyway. It’s taught me how to connect on a deeper level with myself and others. Ultimately, it’s led me to find my purpose in life and learn how to bring fulfillment into my life. I now know that happiness isn’t chased and caught, it’s cultivated. It’s not a matter of everything in life going the way you want. It’s a matter of understanding things won’t and practicing gratitude especially when it’s hard.

As much as I’ve learned, I still have more to discover and explore. I look forward to continuing this journey in 2018. I’m also humbled to be able to guide and support women who are embarking on their own journey of self-discovery. Sending you lots of love and wishing you all that you need to support you on your own journey of self-discovery.
-Niki Meadows

I’m guiding women on a journey of self-love through kindness in 2018. Join the 7-week practice focusing on a different aspect of self-kindness each week.

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