Self-Love Through Meditation

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From the moment I bumped into Theresa in an online group, I had a feeling we were kindred spirits. The way she interacted with women in the group and her kind-hearted responses resonated with me. I wasn’t sure what she did for a living but I gathered she had her own business. So, I decided to reach out and start a conversation with her to see if she’d be interested in a collaboration. Luckily for me, she was open to it and we wasted no time in coordinating the details.

Theresa is a former lawyer who now runs an online meditation business along with her business partner, Mandy. They provide guided meditations online and via their app. I love that their guided meditations are anywhere from a couple of minutes to just under an hour. That makes it easy for anyone to make time for some self-care through meditation as Theresa likes to look at it. In such a fast-paced world where busy is the norm, it’s important to make time to slow down. After she opened up about her own journey with meditation, I was able to understand what drove her to co-found an online meditation business.

Theresa was introduced to meditation back in 2000. She started doing yoga as a way to relieve back pain. As often is the case, meditation was part of the yoga practice and she says she immediately connected with it. Over the next 11 years, she took many classes and workshops on meditation. Then she suddenly faced a personal crisis and her meditation practice was taken to another level by practicing outside of her regular yoga routine. To her surprise, meditation didn’t come as easily to her this way as it had through yoga for so many years. She wanted to calm the whirlwind in her mind and began to practice meditation for just 10 minutes at a time.

She practiced patience with herself as she adjusted to this new form of meditation in her life outside of yoga. She began to attend meditation classes on a regular basis provided by Mandy, who is now her business partner. Over time, she was able to regain her footing and deepen her practice and understanding of herself through meditation. She now uses meditation as a daily act of self-care. She shares that thanks to her daily practice, she feels more peaceful, sleeps better, and ultimately feels more connected with herself. Meditation is an act of self-love and she’s often reminded that she matters.

Theresa’s personal journey with meditation including her struggle to settle into a practice outside of yoga and belief that she had to completely clear her mind to be in a true meditative state have helped her to create guided meditations for those who struggle to practice meditation. These are things that many people struggle with especially when they initially give meditation a try. Guided meditation is a great way to take the pressure off. There are several playlists of guided meditations that you’ll want to check out. It should come as no surprise that my recommendation is their self-care playlist.

It’s been such a pleasure working with Theresa and learning about her story and what drove her to co-found Rest & Be. I absolutely love what she’s doing and the way she’s making meditation more accessible to people. It’s important for us to make the time to slow down, connect with ourselves, and nurture ourselves. Meditation is something I practice daily as well and I would have loved to know about this when I first started my practice. I’m glad that our paths have crossed and I’m able to use the guided meditations to support my practice as well as introduce my daughters to meditation. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this spotlight feature on Theresa. Feel free to share in the comments.

Theresa Timmes of Rest & Be

Theresa was kind enough to gift this community with a 2-month promo of the Rest & Be app. Be sure to enter the promo code to receive complimentary access to guided meditations! You can read more about common meditation myths in this post written by her business partner, Mandy.


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Promo code: SELF-LOVE

5 Replies to “Self-Love Through Meditation”

  1. Meditation / Prayer has helped me a lot as well. However I practice a rather unusual form of it. It took some time and patience to get here, but now it is very conversational. It’s just me and the Universe, or me and Source, or me and the Infinite Creator, if you will. I dip in and out of this consciousness all day long. I can be doing anything when I send a message telepathically to this Conscious Core. I can be sitting, standing, on the phone even. Answers return in seconds or microseconds and have always been super reliable. I find that I’m doing this all day long, and it has become as natural as breathing.

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  2. Meditation is a huge part of my life. I have taken several courses on mindfulness plus the courses I took as a certified yoga instructor and offer mindfulness coaching through my soon to be launched website. I am always interested to meet new people interested in this practice. I will definitely check into what Theresa has to offer. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    1. I’m so glad you received a loving reminder. They are such important practices for everyone to implement. Be sure to take advantage of the 2-month gift Theresa is offering on her app. Some excellent guided meditations available for you ❤

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