Finding Balance & Facing Self-Doubt


I recently met Malia in the online group of my local Rising Tide chapter. I’ll be meeting her in-person in February when I attend my first Tuesdays Together meeting and I can’t wait! She strikes me as kind, ambitious, and inspiring. She’s a fellow work-from-home mom and creative entrepreneur. I recently interviewed her via email to feature her here and shine the light on a woman running her own business and finding her balance in life.

As a photographer and business owner, Malia is a fellow dream chaser. The thing is, while it’s fun and fulfilling, it’s also a lot of work and isn’t always easy. When it comes to the struggle of running a business, Malia says that one of her biggest challenges is time management and balancing work and family. One thing that helps her is setting boundaries so she doesn’t neglect the things that are important to her. That also helps ensure she nurtures herself. One thing she’s working on is getting the bulk of her work done while her kids are at school so she can be more present with them when they’re home.

Whether you run your own business or not, work-life balance can be a juggling act. No matter how much we get done, it seems like there’s always more to do. That can make it hard to remember to slow down and enjoy the little moments. One thing Malia is intentional about is how she feels in her environment. Whether it’s putting time and energy into curating her workspace or being mindful of who she spends her time with, she doesn’t waste time with things that don’t feel right in her life. A couple of ways she enjoys the little things is by opening the windows and letting some fresh air into her office and getting herself fresh flowers each week. She loves to surround herself with things that she finds pick her up including music and scents.

Malia knows exactly what she needs in order to make her environment conducive to creating. No matter how much we prepare, one thing we can’t escape is struggle. Something that a lot of women struggle with is comparison. Whether it’s in the workplace, creative space, or life in general. Malia shares that she knows this one well and has learned from experience how to deal with it.

Comparison is a killer of dreams and motivation.

-Malia Battilana

Over the years, Malia has learned to recognize that whoever we compare ourselves to is just a mirror reflecting our own inner insecurities. She’s learned to lean into that feeling of insecurity and check in with herself. That’s her cue that something is going on inside that she needs to deal with. It’s in facing it that she’s able to work through it and move forward.

Self-doubt is another struggle that many women can relate to. Malia shared that nine months ago, she had to face her own self-doubt and go with her gut to lease a commercial studio space for her business. She knew that it felt right and was the next step for her business but she had to overcome her personal fears around it to move forward. It’s turned out to be a great move for her business and she even utilizes the space to cultivate community which is a significant pillar of her business. Malia believes that it’s important to serve others and be part of something greater than ourselves. She says that building a sense of community is both powerful and rewarding.

Thank you, Malia, for taking the time to share your experience with my community. I love that you’re pursuing your dreams, facing your fears, and doing the best you can to balance your time between family and work. This is something so many of us can relate to. It’s always encouraging to see how others move forward. It’s easy to think that the challenges we face are unique to us but empowering to realize that we aren’t alone. I’d love to know what your favorite part of this interview with Malia was. Feel free to share in the comments.


Malia Battilana of Malia B Photography


Malia Battilana is a photographer in the Phoenix area who specializes in maternity, newborn, and children’s photography. If you’re interested in booking a session, seeking photography mentorship, or renting her studio space, stop by her site for more information. If you aren’t in the Phoenix area, I encourage you to follow her on Instagram to have her images melt your heart and bring a smile to your face.

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20 Replies to “Finding Balance & Facing Self-Doubt”

  1. I’m such a consciousness buff, and that is why I’m here. I always see a bit of consciousness in your posts. This time it was Malia stating that comparisons are a mirror of our own insecurities. That’s awakened thought.
    I’ve always (hyperbole) been a proponent of (in my words) don’t go back, don’t compare, and don’t hang up on the things that are seemingly wrong with our world.
    These things are there, no doubt. However, when we dwell on them, we get stuck in that spot. We swim round and round in the fish bowl thinking we’re going somewhere, when in fact, we are covering the same space repeatedly.
    The irritants aren’t there to dwell on. They are simply a heads up, an opportunity to adjust, and then move onward and upward.

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    1. We cultivate what we focus on. I agree, there’s no sense in pretending it doesn’t exist but living in that space is stifling. We have to be aware of it, work through it, and move forward. There’s always opportunity for growth. I’m so glad you enjoyed this interview and that point Malia made resonated with you. I’ll be sure she sees your comment. ❤

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    2. Conscious living for the win. Self reflection or mirroring is a skill for sure. I was for sure taught this and then had to “consciously decide ” to practice it. Thanks for reading. Niki did a wonderful job on this feature!

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  2. The insights of self doubt in this post are beautiful, the way you were able to take Malia’s self growth and internal lessons and transform it into a lesson for others is a gift. What a beautiful thing to all be able to create, share, and grow in an abundant environment

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    1. Thank you so much, Shelby. I’m so glad you enjoyed this. It was truly an honor and privilege to not only have this conversation but be able to share it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and share your kind words. I’ll be sure Malia sees this. Sending you lots of love! ❤


  3. Love this post! Although I have never personally met Malia, we have interacted with her over email and she is everything you have portrayed her to be in this article. As a fellow AZ photog dreaming all sort of stuff, she has been supportive and uplifting. I think we are all so hard on ourselves and i truly needed to read this today, so thanks to you both!


    1. It’s so nice to meet you, Michelle! Thank you so much for your feedback. It was incredibly important to me to maintain the integrity of her answers as I transformed them from a Q&A into a blog-style post. I’ll make sure she sees your comment. She will be so touched, I’m sure! I’m so glad you were able to discover this. This post has surpassed its intention. Sending you lots of love, Michelle! ❤


    1. Thank you, Dona ❤ I'm so glad you enjoyed it, it's the first time I took q&a and turned it into a post like this so it was challenging yet fun. Malia opened up in such an amazing and courageous way! ❤


    1. I’m so glad Malia’s post resonated with you. It’s something so many struggle with. I think it’s important to talk about things like this so we realize we aren’t alone. I know for me working from home, my hours would bleed into one another. At the end of last year, I realized that as my business grew, I needed to have a better plan in place. So I redid my schedule completely. I had to find something that allowed me to dedicate the time I needed to work but that also allowed me to spend quality time with my family. It was a better schedule than the one I had but still wasn’t quite right. Two weeks into using it, I restructured it again. It’s working so much better for me and my family!

      I homeschool my girls and instead of homeschooling every day, we’re only doing school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mondays and Wednesdays are the days I dedicate to work. If I would have stuck to the way things were always done and the way it looked “right” I wouldn’t have found what *actually* works for us. I tell you all of this because I want to encourage you to think of ways to make things work better for you and those in your life, even if it doesn’t look how people think it’s supposed to. Sending lots of love your way Rachel! ❤ ❤ ❤


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