2018 Kindness Practice| A Journey of Self-Love Through Kindness

This year’s 3rd annual Kindness Practice is just around the corner! This year it’s going to be hosted via email instead of through my blog. The journey is very intimate for participants and I felt led to offer guidance and support in a more personal way. If you’ve never participated, you can find the details below. I’m excited to welcome first-time participants and returning ones alike. This is going to be a powerful 7-week guided practice!

2018Kindness Practice
Sign up here

I’m so honored to be able to guide and accompany you on this journey. It has been incredibly powerful for past participants. It’s a great way to cultivate the relationship you have with yourself. The time you dedicate to your practice will open the doors of awareness in your life. I can’t wait to hear the discoveries you make and the way practicing self-kindness impacts you.

Sending lots of love your way!
-Niki Meadows
Women’s Worthiness Coach

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