Food & Self-Love

I recently connected with Dona, a wellness coach online. She’d commented on a couple of my posts and her words really touched me. I ventured over to her site and loved what I saw. Her message really resonated with me and I decided to reach out to her. We quickly began brainstorming ways to come together and collaborate. We both have a heart for empowering women and it just made sense to support one another. I’m so excited to share some of the things she opened up to me about in a recent interview we did via email.

Since this month I’ve been talking about comparison, it made me wonder how she handles it. Dona told me she’s noticed that when she compares herself to other women it’s usually because she’s overextended herself in some way. She says that many of her negative thoughts or frustrations come from a lack of self-care and being overexerted in either mind, body, or spirit. For her, that’s really a cue to slow down, take a break, and show herself some love. In fact, she is very intentional with her self-love practice. Especially sending love and gratitude to the areas she’s struggling with.


I love Dona’s conviction when it comes to self-love and self-worth. She has no sense of guilt when it comes to making time to take care of herself. She realizes that the better she cares for herself, the better position she’s in to care for others. She made a great point about how the relationship with ourselves impacts our relationship with food, specifically the food choices we make. She explains that it starts with the belief that we’re worthy of the extra time, money, and effort of eating well. If we believe we’re worth the extra time to plan healthy meals ahead, the extra money to purchase fresh quality ingredients, and the extra effort to prepare homecooked meals, we’re more likely to make it a priority.

I’m so grateful that Dona was open to sharing her perspective. She’s incredibly supportive, encouraging, and insightful. It’s been such an unexpected surprise to meet her and connect with her. It’s always exciting to support a fellow female entrepreneur who is doing her due diligence in uplifting and empowering other women. She recently rebranded and launched her new website. I encourage you to stop by and check out what she has to offer. Thanks again, Dona for your time as well as opening up and allowing me to share your experience with my community.

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To schedule a complimentary nutrition consultation with Dona, visit her website

017 Dona DB

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