Walls protect but they also form a barrier to love…

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How powerful is this quote? It’s one of those truths that can be hard to swallow. Tearing down the barriers we’ve built to protect ourselves that also keep love out…

23 Replies to “Walls protect but they also form a barrier to love…”

  1. Another great quote. Rumi’s words were Divinely inspired for sure. We’re all so frightened that we’re not good enough as we are that we put on masks and build walls to keep ourselves ‘safe’. It’s sad isn’t it. Seems like such a waste of this precious life. And you know what – we are good enough. I am good enough just as I am (took me 53 years to be able to say that). Much love and how inspiring are you! Anita.

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    1. Rumi was certainly divinely inspired, such a wise soul. I spent many years living behind my mask and building my walls. I’ve since spent years removing both the mask and the walls. It was terrifying at first, difficult when I began, and eventually I felt liberated. There’s still work to do but I’m in a much better place and feel much more connected and whole within myself. I’m so honored to be guiding and supporting other women to do the same. I’m so glad you’re able to say that, Anita ❤ ❤


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