Embracing Imperfection

When Niki got in touch with me recently to write a piece on self-love, I quickly jumped at the chance. I thought, “yeah, I can do this. Writing about self-love, surely it’s not that hard?!” But actually, for me, it has been really tough. I’ve been mulling over what to write for days, weeks in fact. What is self-love? Is it as simple as going to get our eyebrows done? Going for a spin session? Or is it something more? I think we both know the answer. But motherhood and growing up in a society that relies so heavily on social media, celebrities, news and politics demonstrates our lack of self-love and permanent lust over something we’re not. It’s rather sad really.

Writing about this topic has hit me harder than I expected. I can tell you about all the things I love – my family, my friends, food, holidays, etc. But could I sit down and write a list of things that I genuinely love about myself? I’m really not so sure. I mean, my smile is alright, a little cheesy but my parents paid good money to an orthodontist to sort my Bugs Bunny buck teeth out! And that’s my point –there’s always some sort of self-analysis and what for? Is this the message we want to send our kids? No. Definitely not. I want my daughter to grow up feeling confident about the skin she’s in. To not compare herself to others, to respect herself and most importantly to love herself for who she is.

But I cannot teach her that if I don’t practice it myself all the time. Yes, we all have our “bad” days but what does that do to a child’s self-esteem in the long run? Whilst becoming a parent has helped me gain a better understanding of myself, I’ve also developed a horrible streak in self-doubt. Now that my little girl is growing up so fast, I realize more how imperative it is that I radiate positivity about myself. Kids are resilient little things and they pick up on emotions fast. So I’m going to promise that from now on, I’m going to love me more and make sure that my daughter grows up to see it so that she loves herself hard. Because she deserves it. And as you know, we all do.

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Jenny Raymond| Parenting Community Builder

This guest post was written by Jenny Raymond, a parenting community builder. I love the way she opened up about her struggle to narrow down what to write about. This is almost like an open letter to herself. It’s something I know so many women can relate to and a not so distant struggle for me as well. Today I want to encourage you to remember to nurture your self-love. If you don’t know what that looks like, remember that the relationship with yourself requires time, attention, and cultivation just like a relationship between you and someone else would.

I encourage you to check out the incredible work she’s doing as she builds a community of perfectly imperfect parents.

Thank you so much, Jenny for sharing this open letter. Thank you for reading! If you can relate to Jenny’s sentiments, feel free to share in the comments below.

24 Replies to “Embracing Imperfection”

      1. It depends on a lot of things. Our upbringing, our environment, our mindset. I had a very negative and defeated mindset so it was very easy for me to get swallowed up in my problems, challenges, and shortcomings.

        It doesn’t happen so easily anymore. Sure I’ll have a moment but not like before. I used to feel like I was on a desert island, alone in my struggle and failure. I used to think I was the only one who felt that way or who failed so miserably at life.

        Now I realize that I’m far less alone than I felt. So many people feel that way which is why I think it’s so important to share stories like Jenny’s. People need to see what everyday life looks like. The challenges, the hardships, the rough patches. Not to be nosey or to invade privacy but because people need to realize they aren’t alone.

        Social media is a wonderful tool but unfortunately has somehow turned into this showcase of perfection. We are constantly seeing photos of perfect happy lives but we aren’t seeing the full movie they’re being taken from.

        If you don’t already have a gratitude practice in place, I encourage you to start one. That has been one of the best things I ever started doing. Learning how to be grateful in the middle of a struggle. It’s tough but it changed the way I go through struggles and life in general.

        If you can be conditoned like that, you can condition yourself not to be. ❤

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  1. This is something that so many people struggle with and its nice to see you spreading the love and thoughts about this topic


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