The definition of luck…


This month I’ll be talking about luck throughout the month. I no longer believe luck in terms of chance or happenstance. This quote is the definition of luck I operate by in my life. I prepare for the things I want knowing the opportunity will arise when I’m prepared for it. What’s your definition of luck?

10 Replies to “The definition of luck…”

  1. Similarly to you, but a little different, I don’t believe in luck at all. I believe we create what we walk into. The more positive our outlook and the more free our imagination, the more there is that comes into Being. So maybe it’s Being that I believe in. 🙂

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  2. I like your definition of luck Niki, I’ve not thought of it like that before. I don’t think luck exists at all life either gives or takes and if you’re allowed you get the opportunity to pick and choose if you take it.

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