Moving forward when you’re prepared but don’t feel ready

I don’t know about you but so many times in my life I’ve limited my opportunities by not feeling ready. I’ve had to learn the difference between being prepared and feeling ready. Case in point, I’ve been creating online content for the past two years now. I didn’t start with the intention of it leading anywhere in particular but it has. I have an opportunity to be a presenter for a webinar this month and I’m not going to lie, I’m both really excited and really nervous! I’m nervous because I’ve never spoken on a platform in this way specifically. Although I was a trainer in my former corporate life and gave plenty of presentations, I’ve never spoken to an audience this big or done so in a webinar format.

Initially, the nerves took over and I wondered what I’d gotten myself into. A hundred questions started racing through my mind and I thought maybe I should wait until I felt more prepared to do something like this. The thing is, it’s not something I sought out. The opportunity came about by me just being myself. By me creating content and putting it out there. I was afraid of making the person who recommended me look bad or regretting that she recommended me to speak. I actually reached out to her and let her know my concerns and she told me she knew I could handle it. I realized she wouldn’t have recommended me for it if she didn’t think I could deliver. Although I felt out of my element and knew I was stepping into territory outside of my comfort zone, I realized that she saw me for who I am. I’m not trying to be something or someone I’m not. I’m not acting like I’m a leader in my industry or the go-to expert. She likes the message I’m sharing and thought others could benefit from what I have to share.

It intimidated me a little because I attend some pretty amazing webinars and guess what? I have to remind myself, I’m not there yet. I may get there in time, but right now I have to start where I am and work with what I have. What I have is a heart to serve and a message that I believe will be useful to at least a portion of the audience. Instead of putting pressure on myself and feeling like I’m not ready because I’m not where others are who have over a decade of experience in the game, I need to be patient with myself and do what I can. So instead of focusing on the reasons that can easily become excuses and hold me back, I’m moving forward even though I’m nervous. I know exactly what I’m going to share and will present it to the best of my ability.

I think it’s important to share my journey in real-time. On the one hand, it’ll be great for me to look back a couple of years from now and see how much I’ve grown. I love seeing how things that once felt challenging and uncomfortable no longer are. On the other hand, the reason I’m doing it here and not in my journal is that it’s also important to me that you see me where I’m at. I don’t ever want people to think I’m more put together than what I am. I’m all about moving forward despite the fear. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel it. That doesn’t mean self-doubt doesn’t creep up. What it means is I feel the nerves, the pressure, and the doubt but I choose to move forward anyway (when it feels right). It might not feel comfortable but I know the difference between when something feels scary and like it’s not a fit and when it feels scary because it’s pushing me out of my comfort zone but it’s a good opportunity for me.

So today I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you. Whether it’s a project, promotion, side hustle you want to turn into your main hustle, whatever it is, don’t allow that feeling of not being ready to hold you back. There will always be a certain level of fear or self-doubt but I’ve learned to make my reasons become my driving force to move forward. Don’t shrink down or pass up a great opportunity because it felt uncomfortable. Allow yourself to accept opportunities enough to know the difference between being prepared and feeling ready. I have no idea how this webinar will turn out but I’m sharing it with you in the weeks leading up to it because it would be easy to share about it afterward if all went well. It’s not as easy to talk about it with confidence and certainty when I don’t know how things will go. But it’s a great example of moving forward when I know I’m prepared even though I have doubts and moments where I don’t feel ready. If this post was for you, let me know! It’s always nice to know when a post has reached who its meant to ❤

Sending lots of love your way,

Niki Meadows

Former excuse maker turned women’s worthiness coach

12 Replies to “Moving forward when you’re prepared but don’t feel ready”

  1. Niki, I love your article. We all feel nervous and uncomfortable at times especially when we are doing something new. I can relate to you. I feel some fear sometimes as I begin my new coaching business. Most of the time it is so exciting. But once in a while, I feel like I have taken on too much. I look forward to hearing how your presentation goes. I expect it will go really well. Thank you for sharing your vulnerabilities. Blessings Roland

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    1. It’s the most natural thing in the world to feel nervous, anxious, or scared when we try something new. It just doesn’t seem that way because that’s not the social conversation. You know I’m here to break the rules in a good way 😉 Wishing you all the best with your business. I have a resource you might be interested in. Shoot me an email if you are and I’ll send it back in my reply.


  2. Like the way I am feeling right now, I am embarking on an assignment that is far greater than my mind can conceive but I am going for it anyway despite the fact that sometimes I feel nervous about the whole project… I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So as they say, Sis, go break a leg!

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  3. Thank you for being so open and honest with yourself and your readers. This is something we all need to be reminded of. Also a great way to remain humble and a lot of us need that reminder as well. Much success to you and I’m sure your webinar will be a huge success!!! I can’t wait to hear about it.

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  4. As I’m reading this I wonder if the webinar you speak of is the one I just participated in for WOATT. I absolutely loved your presentation and would love to have the slides to reread; I kept getting interrupted. You did a great job and the information was very valuable. I will continue to follow your blog and work on my M&V. So happy to have met you. 🙂


    1. Hi Gaylene, that’s exactly the webinar I was speaking of! Thank you so much for sharing, it means a lot to me. It’s the first time I’ve presented that way and it’s been at least 8 years since I’ve created a slide show presentation. I know the webinar was recorded but I’m not sure if it was just the audio or the presentation itself. Let me check for you and I’ll let you know. Feel free to send me an email if you need any support on your M&V. It’s such a pleasure to meet you as well ❤


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