Today’s guest post is written by Nina, co-founder of MindGourmet, a place that delivers powerful food for thought.



It’s funny. I just don’t relate to the word luck. It’s not that I don’t like it. Probably the best way to say it is that I don’t resonate with it because, in my understanding, it means that something beautiful and unexpected is happening to me that I haven’t much to do with it. I believe that we’re the creators of our lives, consciously or unconsciously and that our outer lives correspond to our inner world. I often ask myself “what would I like my life to be like? How do I want to feel?”.

My future self lives in California, she is abundant in many ways, thrives with inspiring relationships, and contributes value to many people. But, more importantly, my vision about my future is about how I want to feel: free, open, connected, aware, grateful, whole. This is where I begin. Inside. Because I can feel these feelings already now. I can embody the emotions of my future self right here, right now, in my present life. Dr. Joe Dispenza says (I’m paraphrasing),

when we marry a clear intention with an elevated emotion, the magic starts to happen.

I practice feeling these emotions. Tuning into these states challenges me often, but I see that over time it becomes easier and easier for me to dial into these frequencies as if they are radio stations. Then, I have my intentions. I see myself as a thriving business owner and bathing in a network of inspiring and loving relationships. I know what I want my future home in Southern California to be like and what the desired balance of my bank account is. I enjoy the vision of how I want to contribute to others’ lives and to muse about all the places in the world I’d like to see.

In my meditations, I make these inner experiences as real as I can – being in my future right now and feeling the freedom, the gratitude, the connectedness, etc. Sometimes this is so beautiful that I don’t care if my dreams ever come true because I’ve been there already inside of me. Being connected to myself and some greater power around me – whatever you might call it – makes me see the world differently. And it makes me more open and receptive to those synchronicities that suddenly show up: unexpected sales, new relationships, a book that gives me a new perspective, a word from someone that is exactly what I need at that moment, a chance to help somebody in a meaningful way. These synchronicities, when life seems to be so magical, are what I so incredibly love about this life. And I think, that’s my understanding of luck: beautifully unexpected twists and turns on my path that I would never have been able to plan or make happen – and that makes this adventure so worthwhile!

My mind has always been my best and also toughest friend. I either wanted to be inspired and learn about it and life in general or I felt I desperately needed help to get along with it in a constructive way. So I have from a quite early age, been reading and asking questions about why we are the way we are and how we can become the best version of ourselves. And so, in 2015, I had the idea to create MindGourmet as a buffet of possibilities for everyone who is interested to taste and try from. And, boy, has it taken me on an adventure! Yes, I can absolutely say I am going for my dreams, but I can also say that it makes me look at my limitations in a very uncompromising way. There are no excuses anymore like, “if life just were different I would be totally different”. I have chosen this life. That’s tough when it comes to facing my fears because I have the responsibility squarely in my lap. On the other hand, it’s not only debilitating sometimes, it’s also so empowering! “I can. I will. Watch me.” is a quote I read somewhere that represents this feeling of being empowered.

I’d so much like to encourage you to go for your dreams and, especially, for how you want to feel in your life. And to, over time, get less and less dependent on what life presents to you and how impossible or difficult it may be. If you find the right radio station inside you and you know what you want – stay tuned. The magic is gonna happen. How? That’s not up to you. If you’re “tuned in, tapped in, turned on” as Abraham through Esther Hicks always says, the magic is going to find you!

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Nina is the co-founder of MindGourmet, a place you can count on powerful food for thought to be delivered! If you missed last week’s post where I interviewed Nina and shared how we met, catch it here!

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