If you want to be happy

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Self-compassion was something I struggled with for many years. It was so much easier to be hard on myself and feel like a failure when I didn’t do things “right” or I didn’t meet my own expectations. I even thought self-compassion was a way of copping out and making excuses. Now I see it as accepting myself for the mortal I am. Knowing that I’ll stumble, fall, and learn along the way and there’s nothing wrong with being kind, accepting, and understanding with myself. Is self-compassion an area you know what it’s like to struggle in?

8 Replies to “If you want to be happy”

  1. Dear Niki,

    I sometimes encounter the same feeling where I am disappointed with myself because I didn’t quite meet my expectations. At this point I remind myself that I am a hardworking and caring human being and I love myself for trying my best.

    What I also realized is that we all get results whether they are what we want or not. If they are results we do not like, we have the power to change them. If they are results we favor, we know what works and we can rinse and repeat.

    Every day is a chance to appreciate what we have and what we are becoming. We must continually show compassion for ourselves and love ourselves so that we may share love and compassion for others.

    Thank you for sharing, have a nice day! 🙂


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