Not only is she going places, but she’s showing YOU how to get there!

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I’m doing something a little different for this week’s Follow Friday. I wanted to highlight one of my mentors who has been instrumental in my life and business in ways I never could have imagined! About two years ago, my husband gave me a second-hand camera as a gift. I’ve always loved photography but wouldn’t allow myself to get into it. I’d tell myself how expensive it was and what a waste it would be to spend the money on something frivolous because it was a hobby not a career path for me. Yet for eight years, he saw how I’d light up when I talked about my time in yearbook and newspaper in high school (that’s right it’s nerds like me who captured memories for the cool kids!). So when he had the second-hand camera with all of its accessories laid out on my bed when I got home one day, I was so moved. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts he’d ever given me (and I’m typically not big on gifts!). 

Little did I know the journey I was embarking on by accepting that gift. Not only did he get me a camera, but he found a class I could enroll in to learn the basics of photography so I could learn how to use the camera. He outdid himself! It had been a while since I had something in my life that was just for me. I made the time to do just because I loved it so much. I’d stay up late researching so I could absorb as much information as possible. I’d get up early just to put the concepts I learned into practice. Eventually, I made my way to YouTube and started watching hours-worth of photography related videos. I had them up on my laptop as I cooked and listened to them in the background. I couldn’t get enough!

One video led to another and I found myself virtually introduced to a photographer through another photographer’s channel. I was completely captivated by a woman who was so passionate it was contagious! That’s the only reason I can explain why I watched video after video and sought her out online considering she was a wedding photographer and I had no plans to become one in the near or distant future. Yet the more of her recent content I discovered, the more captivated I was by her. Her content no longer focused on teaching photographers about weddings but teaching business owners how to build their businesses utilizing social media. This was something I knew I could use! As a newly established life coach and intuitive business consultant, I needed all the help I could get!

I began watching every video available on her Facebook page (seriously, I’ve seen them ALL). I took notes, let her words marinate, and came back to rewatch and take notes again. I absolutely loved her delivery. She shows up in such a raw and honest way. If she’s nervous she says so. If she’s stuck around something she throws it out there. In more recent months, she even hired a videographer to do some behind the scenes videos. While she’s incredibly successful by practically anyone’s definition of the word, she doesn’t pretend that she doesn’t struggle. In fact, she has her videographer include her struggles on video. So while I get to see her killing it on stage, I also see how she feels minutes before speaking as well as the moments after.

She’s one of the most inspiring, amazing, and generous people I know.

Not only does she have an incredibly huge heart but she shares her knowledge, wisdom, and advice so generously. I honestly couldn’t believe the amount of value I got from her week after week showing up to watch her live videos or catching the replay. When she hosted a new webinar last summer, I rearranged my calendar to hop on it. I had no intention of buying whatever she was selling but by the time it ended, my credit card was in my hand! I purchased for the first time on a live webinar after binging on webinars from anyone who was giving them over the past two years. I thought, “if I got this much value out of a free webinar, can you imagine what paid content will be like?!”. Although I opted for the monthly subscription where I could cancel at any time, I have to say, she’s delivered in such a big way month after month that the thought of canceling hasn’t even crossed my mind! She is so thorough yet simple in her teaching method and everything she delivers has been just what I needed (even when I didn’t know it!).

When I talk to you about surrounding myself with those who show me their success and struggle alike, this is one of the main people I’m talking about. She’s someone who walks her talk and shows what the path of dream chasing is really like. Not only is she doing it, but she’s doing so publicly in front of a large audience. She does it even though she’s a private person and self-professed introvert. She does so in a way that’s incredibly endearing. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, we obviously haven’t met in-person or spoken in a one-on-one message because I’m sure people probably think I get paid to mention her name at this point… Her name is Jasmine Star and I don’t think her parents could have given her a more fitting name because she definitely shines brightly and lights the path ahead for many in business and life alike, including myself.

I’m so incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with her. Not only do I admire her as a businesswoman and value her professional advice, I admire her as a person. She’s as humble as she is wise, she’s as generous as she is resourceful, she’s as funny as she is determined. What I love about her most is that not only is she going places, but she’s teaching others along the way how to get there too. Her lessons go beyond showing entrepreneurs how to grow their business with social media. She’s showing how to chase dreams so big they scare you. How to speak even when you’re so nervous you’re almost nauseous and how to persevere when all the odds are stacked against you. I’m so excited to introduce you to her if you don’t already know her.

Full disclosure, this is not a sponsored post nor am I getting any sort of compensation to post this. I just thought it would be fun to introduce you to a woman in business who I admire and has been an incredible asset to me in both a business and personal capacity.

If you’re looking to grow your business using the power of social media, I recommend Jasmine Star hands down every time. You can follow her on Facebook and binge on her videos filled with golden nuggets of wisdom and sign up for one of her upcoming webinars. You can follow her on Instagram where she shares incredible stories in her captions in addition to her Insta Stories.

You can also join me as a Curator by subscribing to her monthly (or yearly) subscription. Not going to lie, this is the best investment I make in my business each month!


You get:

  • professional photos to post on social media (or wherever you need to use high-quality images) FYI all images in this post are Social Curator images!
  • captions to copy and paste, tweak, or use as inspiration
  • a monthly action plan where she breaks down a specific topic related to using the power of social media to grow your business

Jasmine Star does a huge part of the heavy lifting to help you show up on social media consistently. Seriously, it doesn’t get any better for only $25 a month!! Not to brag or anything but it also comes with access to a closed FB group where all of the support of her incredible community happens.

Join me and become a Curator by subscribing here!

If you’re a fellow Curator, be sure to let me know in the comments, always happy to connect! If you’re not a Curator but are glad I introduced you or you already love J* drop me a line below as well!

7 Replies to “Not only is she going places, but she’s showing YOU how to get there!”

  1. Hi Niki, I was looking for you so I could share your link on my last blog because you are someone I wanted to say thank you too. I’m glad I found your link. I’m going to go post it right now ❤ Blessings on your day ❤


      1. You’re a sweetheart Mz. Niki. There should be more caring people out there. Keep up the good work, this world needs people like you, blessings dear Mz. Niki ♥️


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