The 1 thing you need more of when you’re failing

As March wrapped up, I realized the first quarter of the year was gone. While I’ve made some great progress with my intentions for the year, one area I haven’t been consistent enough in is wellness. So I decided to just share on my social media channels. I was open and honest and encouraged others to join me in renewing their intentions and sharing them to help keep each other accountable. I got a great response and I was all pumped to step into April. I had a plan in place and was all ready to get up the first Monday of the month and just slay it one week at a time!

Well, there was a little kink in my plan that I couldn’t have accounted for. You see I have endometriosis so my cycles are irregular but always start at the least opportune times. Of course, there wasn’t a better day for that to happen than the day I was all fired up to be super dedicated to exercising for the month. I was in so much pain that first Monday I could barely get out of bed never mind exercise! I was pretty annoyed to tell you the truth. But I decided not to let that deter me from being dedicated to my health and wellness. No I didn’t just muster the strength to push through the pain. I decided to change my goal just for the week. Since I knew I wouldn’t be going to the gym, I figured it would be better to change my goal than to start the month off not hitting it a single day that week.

Why am I telling you this? Because I realized that I was giving myself some grace. Instead of beating myself up over something I had no control over and feeling like a failure, I decided to make a slight adjustment. It wasn’t the goal I had in mind but it was still focused on my health and wellness. This might seem like something small but this is really a testament to how far I’ve come. A few years ago, I would have let my negative self-talk and mindset get the best of me. I’ve been implementing different practices over the past several years that have helped me be more resilient but also more compassionate with myself. So today, I just wanted to extend the invitation for you to give yourself some grace. Whatever you’re struggling with or going through, a little grace and self-compassion will go a long way.

Sending lots of love your way!
Niki Meadows
Former self-sinker turned self-compassion and grace giver (and life coach) 

13 Replies to “The 1 thing you need more of when you’re failing”

  1. As I grow older, I have to grant myself more and more “grace.” I set small goals every day, ones I can achieve. Yes, it’s slow-going sometimes…but it’s better than being frustrated over things beyond my control. Taking care of one’s health should be a top priority.

    Thanks for the words of advice, Niki, and for sharing your experiences. 🙂


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