Why Logic Steers You Down the Wrong Path

I believe we’re all intuitive beings. Somewhere along the way, we get convinced that it’s better to value knowledge, fact, and reason. That’s when we start to doubt our intuition. Intuition is that inner knowing that lacks concrete facts and evidence. It’s a deep-rooted feeling. In a society that is driven by numbers, results, science, and things that are measurable, it can make it difficult to live a life trusting your gut. Yet, that’s the life I’ve chosen to live after many years of following logic and reason. I used to make the majority of my decisions with my brain independent of my heart and gut. The thing is, that led me to be incredibly unhappy. I made choices that seemed like they were right from the outside. They were perfectly logical and made sense but they didn’t feel right and ultimately weren’t a good fit for my life.

It took a lot of courage to start trusting my gut and following my heart. But after years of making choices based on fact and reason and feeling disappointed and unfulfilled, I figured I didn’t have much to lose. I can’t recall the exact moment or decision I made but I know it started with just paying attention. I realized that whenever I was faced with a choice I needed to make, no matter how big or small two things happened. I had an immediate physical response to it and then a logical one. I had no control over the physical response, it’s something that I just felt. At first, I wasn’t able to decipher the two physical responses I felt. It puzzled me why sometimes I’d feel a sensation in my stomach and others in my heart.

Over time, I was able to get a better understanding of these two feelings. I paid attention and eventually started listening to them. The only way I was able to start trusting them was by starting to explore them which was terrifying at first. I started by keeping a mental log of my initial response. Whenever I was in a situation and needed to make a decision, I’d pay attention to the feeling I had. I’d make my choice from a place of logic and then look back to see how it played out. What I noticed is that my physical response was spot on the vast majority of the time. I often found myself regretting not going with my gut or not following that feeling in my heart.

I realized that I found myself saying things like “I knew it” whenever I didn’t go with my gut and things backfired. It was like a sucker punch to the stomach when things didn’t work out because somehow I unexplainably knew better! I saw myself missing opportunities when I didn’t follow my heart. My heart would sink into my chest because had I just gone with the choice that made my chest feel warm, things would have turned out better. Instead of dwelling on the situations, I was just keeping a track record to prove to myself whether or not it was worth taking the risk and following my heart or gut over my head. In essence, I was using logic to determine if it made sense to listen to that inner sense of knowing.

I had enough evidence to convince me that even though I couldn’t explain it, those physical responses were right. I started listening to them with little choices in my life and things began to change. The more I went with those responses, the easier thet were to trust and the clearer the answers became. I wasn’t just using them for little meaningless choices anymore but for little choices that had a really big impact in my life. Over time, I listened to those physical reactions enough that I was able to trust them wholeheartedly. Those two responses became my compass and helped me navigate my life. The response in my gut was generally a “no” and the response in my chest was typically a “yes”.

I’ve been living this way for years and while in the beginning, it was scary, now it’s just natural. It wasn’t until recently that I could even recall the last time I didn’t go with my intuition. It’s funny because no matter how many times I go with my gut and follow my heart, I always regret the one time I don’t. Not that it lasts long or I can’t move forward but I do give myself a swift kick in the butt and think “I knew better!”. This happened to me recently. Back in March, I started a program to help me rebrand. When I started I was torn between focusing on life coaching or business consulting. Life coaching was the “logical choice” and business consulting was the intuitive one. My gut and heart both pulled me in the direction of consulting but I went with logic and reason, something that surprised my mom in addition to myself.

As it turns out, I struggled immensely with the program. About a week before the live program ended, I decided to start over focusing on consulting instead and it was so much easier! Things fell into place and made sense and I was able to easily come up with ideas. I resisted going down the consulting path because all of my efforts have been focused on life coaching. From schooling to getting clients and blogging, everything led back to coaching. Once I made the decision to go down that path with the program, I was embarrassed to shift my focus because I’d already received responses for market research I was conducting and had already shared bits and pieces of what had come from the rebranding program.

The thing is, the more I followed the path of consulting, the clearer things became. I realized that I’m utilizing coaching with my consulting clients anyway! It’s not that I’d be giving up coaching, I’d just be using it as a tool in order to deliver the services I’m providing. I realized that the majority of my clients thus far have been consulting clients anyway and that’s not something I promote or market. All of these clients have connected with me naturally and I just happened to be able to help them fill the gaps that needed to be filled in their business.

At first, I felt like I was doing things all wrong and wasted time in the rebranding program. But I realized that everything happened exactly as it should have. I needed the confirmation that consulting was the path for me for now. I have so many ideas of things I can implement and ways to help small business owners grow and scale their businesses. It wasn’t a logical choice because it’s something that feels so easy to me, I just overlooked it. But this is a way for me to use my talents and gifts in a way that impacts the lives of others through their business. The reason I’m sharing this is that every day, we’re presented with multiple opportunities to make choices that are right for us. We have to learn the difference between what seems right and what feels right for us. I hope you can start your own track record to encourage you to start trusting your heart and gut in addition to your logical mind.

Sending lots of love your way,
Niki Meadows
Letting my heart and gut guide the way without logic clouding my view 😉 

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