Breaking Free of Expectation & Living Through Intuition

From a young age, Carlotta felt like she didn’t quite fit in. She was unhappy and struggled to find her place in the world growing up. Over the years, she built the courage to start making choices and living life the way she wanted not the way others thought it should look. She says that it wasn’t until she stopped letting others dictate how she should live her life that she finally felt happy and free. She dared to embrace her uniqueness and accept herself for who she was. She loves who she has become as a result of that and doesn’t believe in compromising who she knows she is for the sake of meeting the expectations of others.

Although she has come a long way on her journey of self-discovery and embracing who she is, it wasn’t always easy. She admits that she didn’t always have the courage to face her fears. She used to struggle with accepting herself for being different than the picture society painted of who she should be. Not living up to the expectations others had of her led to frustration, anger, and eventually, shame. It took her a while to figure out that the problem wasn’t that she was different or didn’t fit in, the problem was that she was trying to conform to the expectations of those around her. It was through facing her fear of disappointing others that she was able to build the courage and strength to accept who she was flaws and fabulous qualities alike.

Learning how to accept herself for who she was and have the courage to live the life she wanted instead of what was impressed upon her wasn’t easy. Carlotta shares that it took years of practicing self-love and acceptance for her to get to the point she’s at today. That led to her living her life from a place of intuition. Learning how to listen and trust that inner wisdom. How to trust the signs her body gave her letting her know when a decision wasn’t right for her. She knows deep inside when something is right for her and although she doesn’t always know how things will work out, she follows the path and trusts the process. Living her life in this intuitive way listening to her inner wisdom and trusting her gut reaction has helped her discover a life of purpose.

Being impulsive helped me learn how to make choices that feel right for me. Giving myself too much time to think about something doesn’t mean I’ll make a better decision.

Carlotta says that she’s quite impulsive. She goes with what she feels instead of allowing herself too much time to overthink things. Often times, she finds that when she overthinks things they don’t work out the way she wanted anyway. She knows what feels right for her and chooses goes with that decision instead. It’s by listening to her gut and being guided by her intuition that she became a Digestive and Emotional Health Practitioner. She recalls the very moment she was walking through a market one day and saw a book on healing herbs and realized that’s what she wanted to do, help people get better with natural remedies. She followed what felt right and things began to fall into place.

I can really relate to Carlotta and the way she lives her life by following her intuition. I’ve found that the magic in life lies in the little moments where we have the choice to go with what seems “right” or what feels right. I love how she highlighted that she lives impulsively. Generally, that’s something that’s looked down upon in society. As if it’s reckless but I’ve found that when I go with my gut and follow my heart, things often work out better than I ever could have planned them.

I’m so grateful that Carlotta was kind enough to share her story in such an honest and open way. So many struggle with living up to the expectations of others and find themselves making choices they “should” rather than ones that feel right. May Carlotta’s story encourage you to begin trusting that feeling inside, stop talking yourself out of listening to it, and start going with what feels right for you. Thank you so much for this reminder to connect with our own inner wisdom, Carlotta. And thank you so much for reading! I’d love to hear what spoke to you most about Carlotta’s story and if it’s what you needed to hear today. Feel free to share in the comments!

You can find Carlotta helping those with gut issues and emotional wellbeing over at Nutrakarma. She’s recently started offering remote kinesiology sessions, meaning that as long as you have an internet connection, you can get a session!

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