The problem with men & women

Of course there are no absolutes, but do you agree or disagree for the most part? I’ll be discussing this tomorrow. Curious to hear your thoughts…

12 Replies to “The problem with men & women”

    1. I understand. I just got out of a relationship so I’m not in the place to even think of starting a new one. 2019 is the year of me. Dedicated to self-reflection, self-discovery, self-love, and healing. Then I’ll reevaluate in 2020 and see how I feel 😉

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    1. I agree to a point… I don’t believe one completes the other so much as in a healthy and balanced partnership they compliment one another. But to the point of the meme, I don’t think men (or anyone) will truly change unless they want to and I think women stay far too long in most scenarios.

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