The only way out…

Ever heard that saying “you have to feel it to heal it”? I believe that’s true. You can pack things away, ignore them, find ways to numb them… But the reality is, we can’t overcome it until we face it. I know it sucks because it can be uncomfortable. It’s hard. It’s painful. But the reality is, you can let it hurt you in ways you don’t realize for a very long time or you can lean into it, allow the pain to run its course, go through the process, let it hurt deeply over a period of time, and move forward after going through that process that brings healing. I used to be a runner and try to find my way out. Life experience has taught me that going through the painful process I was running from is what brought me the peace and joy I longed for. Not sure who this is for, but I’m sharing it for you today. Happy Monday!

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