About Niki

Life experience + Life Coach training = Women’s Worthiness Coach

I used to wake up on Mondays with a case of the Monday Blues. Dreading the week ahead and counting down the minutes to the end of the workday on Friday. Every day I had to force myself out of bed at the last possible minute to be able to get to work on time. The weekend always went by too quickly and I was miserable the majority of the week. I was letting the fact that I hated my job start to ruin my life.

There are so many women in this same scenario. Women who wish they could find a better job, do something more meaningful, be able to use their natural gifts and talents, or do something they loved and still get paid well. I guide and empower women to learn how to LOVE their life even though they HATE their job! So whether or not you change jobs or find a better fit right now, you’ll learn how to love your life in the meantime.