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NikiMeadowsA journey of self-discovery led me to build a life like one I’d never experienced before! I took a chance on myself and quit my stable yet unfulfilling job to pursue my passions.

When I couldn’t find a traditional job that encompassed my passions and gifts, I created a company that did. I now have a heart-centered business that focuses on connection and is rooted in empowerment.

I first seek to grow and cultivate the garden of my life and from there can assist others with theirs. An area I’m particularly well versed in thanks to both life experience and training is self-worth. I used to struggle with not feeling I was good enough. I now dedicate myself to helping women see how like queens they are born into royalty. There’s nothing you have to do to deserve love and acceptance, it’s your birthright.

I look forward to connecting with you,

❤ Niki Meadows

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