About Niki

I’m here to empower and guide you to build the fulfilling life you’re worthy of! I know from experience what it feels like to go through the motions of life without really living it. I know that feeling of living a life without meaning, purpose, or intention. Now that I’ve learned how to create a fulfilling life, I’m empowering others to do the same for themselves! I used to think that happiness was chased, it was something we attained. Life experience has taught me happiness is cultivated! It’s the result of what we sow. I’m here to help you replant your garden so you can learn to cultivate happiness and fulfillment. It’s not a matter of things going how we plan or getting what we want all of the time. It’s a matter of learning to build a life of fulfillment. If this is the kind of life you’re yearning to live, you’ve come to the right place! I can’t wait to see the life you build!

Sending you lots of love and wishing you all that you need to support you in building the fulfilling life you’re worthy of!

Niki Meadows| Worthiness Ambassador ™ & Intuitive Consultant


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