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Progress Over Perfection

I was a perfectionist for as long as I can remember. Wanting to do things just right, getting them right on the first try, and having high expectations of myself. You couldn't please me because if things weren't done the way I'd do them, they just weren't right. The funny thing is, although I was… Continue reading Progress Over Perfection

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Speak Your Truth

It's so important to speak your truth. In a time where perfection is chased and connection is craved like never before, there's nothing more desirable than someone who's authentic. We all have our struggles and hurdles to overcome. Life isn't all gorgeous feeds and photo filters. It's through open honest conversation and sharing our stories… Continue reading Speak Your Truth

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Worthiness Ambassador Sisterhood | Book Club

In July we'll have our first book club meeting! We'll be reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. Each week, I'll upload a post with the unit we'll be reading and open up the platform for us to discuss it, ask and answer questions, and share our reflections. If you want to be a part of… Continue reading Worthiness Ambassador Sisterhood | Book Club

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The Reason For The Season

With the holidays just around the corner, this time of year can be stressful for many. It's ironic that during a time of love, peace, gratefulness, and giving, so many find themselves dreading the holidays. I encourage you to not let yourself get so caught up in the things that stress you out about the… Continue reading The Reason For The Season

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Do You Invest Enough Time In Yourself?

Nurturing yourself is a fundamental part of self-care. There are so many aspects of nurturing yourself, you might be overlooking something without even realizing it. If you eat well and live an active lifestyle, do you ensure to enrich yourself spiritually? If you set healthy boundaries, do you release stress in a healthy way? It's… Continue reading Do You Invest Enough Time In Yourself?

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November Monthly Reiki Boost

This month's Reiki Boost supports the intention of self-nurture. Whether you need to spend more time caring for yourself, doing something  you enjoy, or tending to your needs this month's boost will support your intentions.  For more details, click the photo above. To purchase this month’s Reiki Boost, please fill out the fields below to… Continue reading November Monthly Reiki Boost

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Mid-Month Dash of Empowerment|Take Great Comparison Notes

This month's focus is on comparing yourself with others less. It's an injustice to yourself to negatively compare yourself with others, how can you expect to have their results with your gifts and talents? It's also a disservice to the person you're comparing yourself to. You're diluting the value of the hard work and effort they… Continue reading Mid-Month Dash of Empowerment|Take Great Comparison Notes

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Live Launch!

Celebrating the live launch of my website! Welcome to Niki Meadows!

Dose of Empowerment

Dose of Empowerment|True to Yourself

Being true to yourself sounds like it should be easy and straightforward. Why is it that so many find themselves struggling to do so? In a world that glorifies busy, labels everything, and uses material items to define success, it's no wonder people have a hard time being true to themselves. People are constantly on… Continue reading Dose of Empowerment|True to Yourself