The difficulty with compassion

  I'm not going to lie, this can be uncomfortable just to read. Who wants to see those parts of themselves that they don't like? It's not fun but in learning how to extend compassion towards even those parts of ourselves and embrace them, we can realize there's beauty even in imperfection.  

The cause of failure

This quote reminds me to stop making excuses and find a way over or around it. Whatever "it" is for you, I want to encourage you to tap into your network and figure out a way to do what you can with what you have.

The Bravest Thing…

Some of the truest words ever spoken. My gosh, does it take courage to choose love despite every chapter in our story. I know it was hard for me but I'm glad I had the courage to start somewhere because life is better with love.

Don’t Complain, Change

Those are some wise words that were once easier said than done in my life. As tough as that pill was to swallow, I eventually had to. It wasn't easy but I had to get over myself, my excuses, and my complaints in order to make my life better.