Divine Messages

I’ve been consciously connected with my intuition for most of my life. I’m not chosen or special, the reality is we’re all born with intuition. Whether you call it a gut feeling, a hunch, or just have a sense of knowing without reason; that little voice or feeling inside that’s usually right even when you choose to ignore it is also known as your intuition.

If people were radios, you could think of intuition as a frequency. As radios we’re all able to pick up the signals but we have to be tuned into the right frequency to receive the messages. The more we fine tune the dial, the clearer the signal. The same is true for intuition. I mentioned above that we’re all born with it, I’ve learned to listen to mine and trust it. The more I listen to it the easier it is for me to recognize my signs and messages.

I generally receive Divine messages for one of 3 reasons-

  • Confirmation- The Divine letting you know you’re on the right path
  • Healing- For a situation or to start the healing process
  • Warning- A gentle alert message

I receive messages in one of these ways-

  • Vision- A movie or picture in my mind in vivid color and detail
  • Message- A voice in my head or knowing in my heart
  • Knudge- An unmistakeable feeling

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An individual angel reading for up to 20 minutes. I’ll connect with your Divine team to provide you with the messages I’m meant to deliver to you to provide you with the healing, wisdom or confirmation you need in this moment. Please note messages are not delivered with the intention of revealing the future. Messages are delivered to provide clarity or reassurance and are always delivered from a place of light and love.

It’s not uncommon for me to receive a message during a coaching or Reiki session. In a Worthiness Coaching session, it might be a question to ask you or an exercise for you to consider. In Reiki, I’m guided to send energy to a specific point or I’ll receive a vision. I’ll always share when I’ve received a message so you’re able to hear it if you’re open to it. Messages are always delivered to you in the same loving and tender way I receive them from the Divine.

I’ve also been attuned to receive messages from a higher frequency, to learn more about this, click on the page below-