Photography Sessions

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I’m a natural light photographer who specializes in women’s candid portraits.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate an accomplishment, document the beginning (or end) of a chapter, or simply want to treasure where you are in this phase of your life, a photo is a perfect way to hold onto that moment for the rest of your life. Fill your walls with memories of milestones and chapters to look back on.

Contact me to schedule and discuss your session for-

  • milestones (graduation, promotion, etc.)
  • engagement
  • maternity (pregnancy announcement, gender reveal, maternity, fresh 48)
  • newborn
  • family 
  • friendship
  • empowerment (overcoming a life-changing obstacle, discovering your purpose, embracing who you really are, etc.)

My mom always told me to follow my heart and pursue my passion. She said if I loved what I did, it wouldn’t feel like work. In retrospect, now it makes sense why I finally gave into my love affair with photography. I’ve realized there’s been one type of photography that has captivated me from a young age- candid portraits. There’s something about the rawness of a candid that impacts me.

For me photography is more than creativity, it’s about connection. I love getting to know people’s stories and what makes them who they are. To be able to capture someone’s personality, character, or story in a photo is both incredibly humbling and amazing.

To check out my photography site, click here. You’ll be able to see the sessions I do for clients as well as the personal project to take a photo a day.

Here’s a sample of some of my latest work. This was the first session any of these ladies ever had. The beauty of candid photos is you don’t have to practice, you just have to be you!

Left: mom in her element doing what she loves, hosting a party. 

Center: beach photo session, capturing her natural beauty

Right: Lifestyle shoot to update portraits to hang at home

Complete the contact form below for more information on sessions! I regularly travel between Arizona and Europe. Feel free to contact me to coordinate the next time I’m in your area or make a special trip.