As a Worthiness Ambassador, I help women reconnect with their sense of self. Women who feel lost in life, have forgotten who they are, or feel like they never knew in the first place. Women who want more out of life but just aren’t sure where to start. By discovering the woman you are outside of roles and responsibilities, you’ll not only find your passion and purpose but build the strength to make choices in alignment with yourself and courage to speak your authentic truth. Click on Worthiness Coaching below to start your journey of self-discovery.

As an Intuitive Consultant, I help small-business owners who feel stuck find ways to regain momentum in their business. Whether it’s identifying new ways to connect with clients in-person or online, launching a product, or providing feedback on your website. When you have to do and be it all for your business, sometimes you need a helping hand. I’m able to help you come up with ideas and think of things in a different way so you can try something you haven’t already done and yield the results you’ve been yearning for. Click on Intuitive Consultant below to get the support you need.