Worthiness Coaching

As a Women’s Worthiness & Authenticity Coach, I work specifically with women who feel like they are broken or at a breaking point. Women who have lost their sense of self, who need to pick up the pieces and put them together. Women who need to discover how powerful they are. I know what it’s like to be in that place but I also know what it’s like to heal from that and build a life like I never dreamed was possible! I’d love to support you as you do the same!

As someone who overcame a 17-year battle with depression, I also work with those looking to conquer depression. I’ve been able to identify key factors that helped me to conquer depression which my clients are able to benefit from.

I only work with women who are coachable. Coachable means you are actively seeking to change what doesn’t work, heal what’s hurting, and work on becoming the best version of yourself. In a coaching session, I’ll hold the safe space and time for you to explore, make self-discoveries, and support you as you dig deep to face truths that will likely be uncomfortable. It’s from this place of discomfort that you’re challenged to grow. It’s my job to challenge and support you as well as provide accountability.

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