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Overwhelm Check-In

On Tuesday, I published part II of a 3-part series on why overwhelmed moms cry in the shower. I had to break it down into three parts because my posts are generally 500 words or less and each of those was over 1k. The points I'm addressing are too deep to just scratch the surface,… Continue reading Overwhelm Check-In

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Authentic Truth Check In!

I just wanted to check in and see what you've learned about yourself since the last post on identifying your authentic truth versus brutal honesty. Feel free to share any discoveries you've made or awareness that's come to your consciousness.   If you haven't already signed up for the monthly newsletter, now's the perfect time… Continue reading Authentic Truth Check In!

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3 Tips to Help You Break Your Habit of Perfectionism

When I was asked what my biggest flaw was during job interviews, I used to share that I was a perfectionist. I was being honest and cheeky at the same time. See I knew full well that in the corporate world, perfectionism wasn't a flaw at all. They saw it as someone who was dedicated,… Continue reading 3 Tips to Help You Break Your Habit of Perfectionism

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Face Yourself

I grew up in a military family moving from place to place roughly every 4 years. That was my sense of normal and as I grew up, I found myself wanting to move regularly. I thought it was because moving was my sense of normal but recently I realized I don't have that impulse to move.… Continue reading Face Yourself

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Reconnecting with Yourself to Build the Life You Want!

Learning to cultivate the relationship with myself was one of the biggest steps I took after overcoming depression. It was like reacquainting yourself with someone you hadn't seen in ages, except that someone was myself! Aside from battling depression, I spent so much time juggling the different roles in my life (mom, wife, working outside of… Continue reading Reconnecting with Yourself to Build the Life You Want!

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Inner Beauty Check-In

I just wanted to check in with you and see how you're feeling since the last post on size not determining your self-worth. I encourage you to continue to focus on your inner beauty. While a lot of emphases is placed on physical beauty by society and ourselves, the true measure of beauty is in… Continue reading Inner Beauty Check-In

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Self-Acceptance Creates Authenticity

We've all seen people who are confident in who they are, vulnerable, speak their truth, and go through life courageously. It's easy to think they are called, chosen even to live such a robust life. The truth is, they've worked for it and not just by climbing up the ladder of success. They've done the… Continue reading Self-Acceptance Creates Authenticity

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Owning Your Self-Worth

Self-worth is an interesting topic. Society would have you believe that it comes from being validated by others. That sense of self-worth is superficial. It comes from: being an acceptable size looking a certain way driving a nice vehicle owning a big house having a job that earns a lot of money and affords you… Continue reading Owning Your Self-Worth

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Worthiness Ambassador Sisterhood | Book Club

In July we'll have our first book club meeting! We'll be reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. Each week, I'll upload a post with the unit we'll be reading and open up the platform for us to discuss it, ask and answer questions, and share our reflections. If you want to be a part of… Continue reading Worthiness Ambassador Sisterhood | Book Club

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The Reason For The Season

With the holidays just around the corner, this time of year can be stressful for many. It's ironic that during a time of love, peace, gratefulness, and giving, so many find themselves dreading the holidays. I encourage you to not let yourself get so caught up in the things that stress you out about the… Continue reading The Reason For The Season