Jay Shetty says dating is like an interview

So Jay and his wife open up about their relationship when they were in the dating phase. Jay mentions traditional dating setting us up for failure because it's almost like an interview and I couldn't agree more. His wife talked about most of their dates being them hanging out with her family and how she wouldn't get all dressed up for him.

Healthy examples of love & relationships

Growing up I NEVER had a desire to get married. In fact, I can vividly recall as a little girl around 8 years old in my bedroom in Germany imagining my life as an adult. I saw myself as a single mom of three, living in a luxury apartment, on my own. I didn't have a husband or partner. I just saw myself working and raising my kids. I felt peace, love, and harmony.

Nurturing self-love to grow the love in our lives

Something I've gained a better understanding of on my journey of self-love is the difference between deserving and worthiness. I used to feel worthless which in turn made me feel I wasn't deserving of love. After dedicating the past several years cultivating my self-love, I've realized that love isn't about being deserving at all. By …