What I did when my ex asked me back

I have to admit I'm pretty proud of myself. See, when you're going through a break up, a small part of you wishes you could get back together. Even though I know this is for the best... It's like there's a disconnect between my brain and my heart. My brain logically understands this is the best thing for everyone involved. My heart feels otherwise.

Why you need to change the question you ask yourself before making choices that impact your life

There's an interesting quote I came across by Dr. Kristin Neff that says, "Unlike self-criticism that asks "are you good enough", self-compassion asks "what's good for you?" I read that and found myself thinking back to all of the ways I tried to prove I was good enough both to others and myself. All of …

Courage doesn’t mean you don’t experience fear, just that you don’t live in it

I thought I'd do something a little different today. One thing you might already know about me is that my blog posts are written in a stream of consciousness style of writing. Meaning that I just let the words flow unedited. I then go back and make sure that they're grammatically correct and fix any typos …

All things with self-love

As I wrote this month's posts, I realized this quote could summarize them all. It's a play on the late Mother Teresa's quote "do small things with great love". Can you imagine what your life would look like if every choice you made came from a place of deep-rooted self-love?